My Journey

My journey began when I first touched a barbell at 15 years old. I had been an athlete my whole life (playing football and rugby), but strength training drew me in more than anything had before. I loved the idea that through the simple process of lifting weights I had a vehicle to set myself on a path of transformation, that the tools to self-improvement were in my hands and all I needed to do was to show up and challenge myself. ​Training taught me that through hard work and struggle comes strength and that there is joy in self-growth and self-mastery.


 While my training was at first a purely physical process, I became more interested in how I responded emotionally to it. I would assess my responses to training—what state I needed to be in emotionally in order to perform at my best, how I dealt with setbacks. As I committed my time to gym training, I found myself attracted to strength sports. The primal desire to lift more weight than the next man and the adrenaline rush that came with it drew me in. I started with powerlifting, but quickly found my interests shift to strongman, which I now compete in. I love the strength community, and have found enjoyment, belonging, and empowerment as a part of it.


Outside of the gym, I was interested in psychology and the science of emotional wellness, in part due to my mother, who ran a therapy and coaching practice. I often felt that I shared her passion and intuition for the field. I attempted to balance my two passions by studying Sports Psychology at university. While there, I also took a job as a personal trainer at a commercial gym and began working with clients for the first time. I loved the human aspect of the job—understanding the “whys” of each of my clients, learning what drove them and what caused them to succeed or to fall short—but while this was what I wanted to learn, this was not what most clients wanted from me, as my primary role as their PT was to simply facilitate physical change. Meanwhile, I found my degree studies were not what I had hoped and did not fulfill my interest in psychology and human performance in the way that I had thought they would.


Becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of satisfaction with my studies and PT job and feeling that something was missing from both, I connected with a business contact—Kim Griffith, a corporate coach, transpersonal psychologist, and founder of The WAVE Process. Kim and I spoke for many hours about coaching, both what she did as a coach and what I could gain from it. I was hooked. It was amazing to me, like I had discovered a language that I was always meant to speak but had long forgotten the words of.


During this period I saw massive shifts in my life, as my new found consciousness allowed me to hold power over my world like never before. So many ancient patterns of belief and behaviour began to shift, narratives to unfold. I saw change in ways that I never thought possible, and it was here where I began to realise the impact that this could have applied in certain contexts. I saw an opportunity to finally merge my passions, by using coaching as a medium to help athletes master their mindset and become the best version of themselves, in their sport and outside of it. I am passionate about the strength sport community, and grateful for all that it has done for me. With Anderson Coaching, I hope to give back by offering a service that has the potential to revolutionize how athletes approach training, competition, and everything in between.

My Certifications and Qualifications

  • ICF Certified

  • iPEC - Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

  • iPEC - Energy Leadership™ Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

  • iPEC - COR.E Dynamics™ Performance Specialist

  • WAVE Institute Coach-in-training