Energy leadership index assessment


The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment is a closer look into your behaviors and perceptions of the world. The assessment will explore how you show up energetically, what your triggers are, and what patterns are preventing you from working as the best version of yourself.


The ELI assessment is a unique, research-backed tool created by iPEC that gives you a window into how you see the world—your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capacity. It allows these illusive metrics to be seen clearly in a way that empowers you for future growth and change.


Unlike popular personality tests, such as Myers-Briggs or Enneagram, the ELI is an attitudinal assessment tool that provides you with a baseline of where your energy is right now in your professional life and how it is helping you progress or hindering your performance. It will make clear how you react to different stimuli in the moment, both day to day and during times of high stress. This means that rather than falling into a closed personality categorization, you have the freedom to make change happen in real time.


After you complete the 20-minute online assessment, we will then have a debrief session to go through your results together. You will gain awareness and insight into how you show up in the world, and the chance to take control and create the version of yourself that you envision.















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(if you are a coach looking to purchase the ELI along with multiple athletes)**

ELI for Coaches + Athletes

The ELI brings a new and elite dynamic to the coach-athlete relationship as it introduces a modality that helps both coach and client to maximize their communication and, in doing so, enhance the effectiveness of their relationship. Following individual debrief sessions for both athlete and coach, a group session will give you both the opportunity to share results in a way that brings greater insight into how you both respond and communicate. As you are both equally committed to this exercise, the ELI creates a mutual degree of understanding which strengthens and improves the coach-athlete relationship.

What's Included:

You and your athlete will each receive:

  • 20-minute online ELI assessment

  • 90-minute ELI debrief session

  • Written report and email feedback of debrief results 


  • 60-minute group session with you, your athlete, and myself to discuss results and how to optimize your coaching relationship going forward

ELI for Coaches

The knowledge gained through this assessment will give you valuable insight into your own coaching behaviors, and as a result allow you to enhance your working relationships with clients and athletes. You will be able to refer back to your ELI results in order to track growth and gain an understanding of how your progress is positively impacting your professional life. 

What's Included:

  • 20-minute online ELI assessment

  • 90-minute ELI debrief session

  • Email feedback and written report of debrief results